Membership Services Introduction

A year-long (or longer if preferred) photoshoot membership service is available at House of Winter.

You commit to a $50 deposit (nonrefundable) and a paid monthly shoot at the level you prefer β€” Full or Basic.

These shoots are shot by House of Winter in or around our studio located in the Greater Sacramento Area (Antelope, CA).

Your Photos

Each month you will bring a portable drive to download your unedited photos to look at and choose your photos for me to edit. Once I receive your edit choices it will take me 1-2 weeks to deliver edits.

At the time you give me your edit choices. Feel free to tell me what you would like to see changed and if I can do it I will.Β If you want me to choose the edits for you that is an additional $25.

You will get your edits in both high resolution (for printing and submitting) and low resolution with the House of Winter watermark.

Please use watermarked photos whenever possible on your social media sites.

I will send you a link from Amazon Photos where you will have access to your folders of pictures to download on your devices. I will also have them saved, along with your raw images, on a separate drive.

The raw/unedited images that you are given are NOT to be shared unless you choose to share it raw and call it a BTS . You may NOT edit these raw images. The only edits that can be done are mine unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

Subscription Levels

πŸ–€Β Just a reminder – neither level comes with hair! That is a separate price listed below.Β πŸ–€

$85 – Monthly

comes with the following:
makeup ( with lashes ) OR wig
Styling/custom styling
Help with publications
Classes/workshops/extra shoots free
Extra shoot during birthday month

$45 – Monthly

you come ready to shoot
(Non mandatory) classes & members only events are subject to an additional fees
All other services offered are priced below
5 edited photos in hires & lores

Additional Services

$20 – Kixies thigh highs
$35 – Makeup (includes lashes)
$30 – Makeup – does not include lashes
$10 – $45 – wig styling/rental/hairstyling
$15 – Basic wardrobe/lingerie/corset
$30 – Speciality clothing/Custom designs
$5-10 – accessories/shoes/props/jewerly
$5-20 – custom props/wings/headpieces
$25 – Custom sets made for you
$10 – Bathtub and fourposter bed sets
$10 – Special Event Sets (public events)
$5 – Flash drive for photos (8gb)
$5 – To submit to select magazines *
$25 – To pick and edit photos for you
(You will get more edits this way )
$2 – Per additional edits of your choice
$5 – lashes and application
$45 – Additional sets – 5 pics (any additional services are extra)

Wig Styling & Rental

$10 – hair pieces you can add yourself
$15 – already worn/styled fashion wig
$15 – lightly style your wig for shoot
$20 – vintage styled (worn) fashion wigs
$20 – out of the package fashion wig
$25- first wear styled fashion wig
$25- already styled/worn lace front wig
$30 – out of the package lace front wig
$35- first time worn styled lace front
$35 – style your wig in an elaborate/vintage style – (need wig 1 week ahead)
$35- hair styling – limited to what I am capable of doing – see examples . Includes hair pieces that I may use .
$45 – custom color and/or style specific wig worn first time for your shoot

Things to Bring

Things you need to bring with you to your monthly shoot :

1. Nude g string
2. Nude & black high waisted underwear
3. Your best bra in nude and black
4. Good black high heels (make sure heels are not scuffed )


To get started you must put down aΒ $50Β non refundable deposit.

Set up your membership level and your first shoot .

You pay your monthly membership fee on day of your shoot via cash, Venmo , or PayPal.

Reschedules & Missed Months

I understand that this is a luxury and a hobby and that real life can make it impossible to meet your commitment to House of Winter , because of that I do my best to be flexible with reschedules . But if you need to reschedule more than once during the month there is no guarantee I can accommodate you and you will be required to pay for your shoot regardless if you shot or not .

Everyone gets a month off of House of Winter without penalities . You can add that Month on to the end of your membership and not forfeit any privileges

If you miss more than one month you potentially forfeit your deposit and no longer receive the benefits of being a member.

Magazine Submissions

With magazine submitting there is no guarantee your photos will be published in any magazine .These magazines choose to include who they want and I have no control over whether they accept or published your photos .

The list below is subject to change. I am also looking for new magazines to submit to .

Magazines I do the submitting to and have been accepted into in the past:

gothesque (previous covers)
Gilded – requires two looks
Sanctuary (previous cover)
Jazzy (previous covers)
Beau Nu
Dye (previous cover)

Pinup magazines are the models responsibility to submit to . I can help you choose pics and give advice – but these magazines are model-centric and should be submitted by model . I will happily fill out release forms. Here are some of the more popular pinup magazines that House of Winter’s work has been in .

vintage life
Retro lovely
Delicious dolls
Pinup Kulture
rocket magazine (previous cover)
Sugared kiss
Garters and grills

Member Benefits

We offer free/or deeply discounted classes and member only photo shoot events regularly (it works out to be almost monthly ) to help with all the skills needed in this industry ; posing , wig styling , makeup , FX , costume design , etc . Along with networking opportunities to meet other members . Member only photo shoots are also offered semi regularly to also give you opportunities to try out new or interesting types of modeling/shoots .

Members potentially get extra sets/shoots by participating in our our members only activities regularly .

All members get 25% off private shoots

I work hard to promote all House Members weekly and to make sure all our work is being seen and promoted .

I also recommend my House Members to other photographers and situations that may get you cross promotion with my sponsors and exposure on other sites .

I offer group experiences on the regular to help with networking with other House Members but are not mandatory!